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Broadcasting date: 3-10-2005

Daniel Ellsberg possesses the classified Pentagon Papers that prove that the Vietnam War cannot be won and his government is lying. Mordechai Vanunu works at a secret nuclear plant in Israel and fears that nuclear weapons will be used in the next war to take place in the Middle East. From their work for the FBI, Colleen Rowley and Sibel Edmonds know that the September 11 attacks could have been prevented.


In Denmark, Frank Grevil has information that can avert his country from participating in the invasion against Iraq. At the US Justice Department, Jesselyn Radack knows that if she speaks out, she can save the life of a man accused of being a terrorist. At the UK Secret Service offices, Katherine Gun discovers that the phone lines of member-countries of the UN Security Council are being monitored, in order to blackmail them into voting for the war.


The story of seven persons who have to make the toughest decision of their lives. They face the dilemma Antigoni faces in the homonymic tragedy of Sofocles: will they obey the law or will they comply with higher moral values, risking their freedom and their life.



I found it really hard to decide to whom I would be loyal. To the people of Denmark or my service? Frank Grevil


I didnt sleep for several nights... When I finally gave those files, my knees were shaking... Colleen Rowley


They came at my house, took my computer and asked me to do a polygraph test... Then they took my sister in for interrogation... Sibel Edmonds


They were after us for days. It was the biggest manhunt in the countrys history... Daniel Ellsberg


When we arrived to Rome, they... jump on me and drug me and took me to a yacht waiting in the sea... Mordechai Vanunu


You have two choices. Either you do nothing and die, either you fight and die! And I chose to fight. Katherine Gun


People would come to me and say, "I don't know if I could ever do what you did". My answer to them is "I don't know how you couldn't". Jesselyn Radack




"We watched it, and we LOVE it! We all thought  it was incredibly well done, powerful, and moving. We want to help in any way possible to get this shown in the U.S."


Daniel, Michael and Patricia Ellsberg





***  Reviews on the documentary by FIPRESCI:


- "Going Against the King", by Angelika Kettelhack

- "Between War and Peace, Poverty and Dignity", by Viliam Jablonicky






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