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Broadcasting date: 8-5-2006

Reportage Without Frontiers reaches its tenth year of presence on the Greek public television, and Stelios Kouloglou, along with the program’s team, presents a special broadcast on the occasion of this special birthday: a historic flashback on the last ten years through abstracts from the awarded program’s documentaries.


Since 1996, when Reportage Without Frontiers began, until today, the lens of the program’s camera has found itself in almost every corner of the earth and has recorded the most significant international events, as well as the human stories that lie behind them: in Yugoslavia, Stelios Kouloglou, broadcasts live from the studio of the Serbian television, just hours before it officially becomes a NATO target, and at the same time revives a shattering love story. In Cuba he chats with Che’s closest allies and watches Fidel Castro give a speech in the middle of a tropical rain, while he reveals history’s “first televised coup” in Venezuela


He visits the “neighbor with the many faces”, Turkey, and meets his friend, journalist Ragip Duran, on the day he is released from prison. He examines the causes of the September Events, records the memories of Turks and Greeks, and at the same time watches Turkey take it’s ambivalent step towards the EU. In Italy he searches for the causes of Aldo Moro’s murder and speaks with the “mastermind” of Italian terrorism behind prison bars. In Germany he tries to cast out the ghost of the Wall and examines the way to the “incredible 1989”. In the Netherlands he records the appearance of “Big Brother” and takes a thorough look at the issue of the decriminalization of drugs. At the same time in France, Belgium and the UK, he tries to find what ends up on our plate and wonders where planet earth is headed...


RWF’s camera lens is present in the United States on September 11. It meets with journalists, intellectuals, former secret service agents, but also with people who survived that day, and looks into the causes and consequences of the terrorist attacks. It intrudes into the political backstage and finds out what “corruption American style” is and how someone can steal the White House. It closely monitors the war operations in Afghanistan and Iraq, and speaks with pro and anti-war campaigners, as well as the war’s victims. It examines the issue of the mass impingement of human rights and meets with the man whose photograph came to resemble the ongoing hell in American prisons in Iraq...


But RWF’s team doesn’t keep still in Greece either: it investigates the issue of the murder of Lambrakis, examines the events of the Polytexneion and looks into Great Britain’s role in the Greek Civil War. It follows Greece and the Greek economy from its entrance in the EEC, up until the replacement of Greek drachma by the euro. It examines significant social issues – drugs, racism, xenophobia, expensiveness – and reveals one of the biggest scandals in contemporary Greek industrial history, a unique case of the “civilization that kills”...


For the first time a TV-program systematically examines television, its lies and propaganda. From the “fake images” and the 25+1 lies by which the war in Iraq was sold, until the revolt in Albania, and from the reporters that broadcast the bombing of Baghdad live from Cyprus, up until the “world exclusive” reportage from the Taleban occupied Afghanistan, that was actually filmed in ...Pakistan!!!


Since 1996 and for ten consecutive years, the program has been on the list of the best telecasts aired and it has also been selected to represent Greece at international documentary festivals. It has received the award of "Best Greek Informative Program" four times, and it has received the "Euro-Comenius" European Prize for historical documentaries twice.




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