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Broadcasting date: 22-5-2006

Due to massive viewers’ request, the program on the Greek Civil War will be broadcasted once more.


ET1 – 22:00 (Part 1 - "Occupation") and continuing right after the news (Part 2 - "Britain-Resistance-Civil War")



In March 1946, an armed group of the Greek Communist Party attacked the Litohoron police station. This was the first armed conflict that led to the breakout of the violent civil war. Sixty years after the attack, the program examines in depth the events of the civil war, through the attestations of protagonists of that era, documents from the soviet archives, as well as through fragments of the Hidden War, an infamous documentary that was broadcasted 20 years ago in the UK.


This documentary, which featured interviews with British agents who had taken on action in Greece during the German occupation, was banned from ever being broadcasted again or being sold abroad - although ERT had requested buying it - and was eventually destroyed. Reportage Without Frontiers found the only remaining copy.


Amongst the revelations of British agents - some of them admit that the civil war could have been prevented - was the testimony of the infamous Chris Woodhouse, who said that “the British Ministry of Foreign Affairs would have preferred no resistance at all or even sabotage against the Germans!! ”. According to revealing attestations by British agents and diplomats, Great Britain literally governed Greece in the years 1944-46, by removing and installing governments: “Greece was like a colony, the only difference being that the British ambassador wasn’t a colonial governor”. One of the agents confesses that if the British embassy had interfered more decisively, the Greek civil war could have been prevented...


Nikos Farmakis, who in 1944 was a member of the anti-communist organization “X”, talks to Stelios Kouloglou about the events that took place in Syntagma Square and the killings of protesters, that led to the rising of the Greek Communist Party and the events of December 1944.


Sixty years after the attack at the Litohoron police station, two of ELAS’ s rebels who took part in the March 1946 attack, describe what happened that dramatic night, a precursor of the civil war that lay ahead. In an interview that is broadcasted for the first time in Greece, Marcos Vafeiadis, the chief-general of the Communist Party’s rebels during the civil war, reveals that an American journalist brought peace propositions from the Tsaldaris government to the “government of the mountain”, which were turned down by the Communist Party’s leadership.


The documentary features interviews with the protagonists of the resistance and the civil war, as well as with Sir Geoffrey Chandler, the only living Briton of the members of the British delegation who were in Greece at that time. It also features the creators of the British documentary. Amongst them is Jeremy Isaacs, the founding chief executive of Channel 4, the British TV channel that had broadcasted the program: later on, while being a candidate for the position of general director of the BBC, Isaacs lost the job because he had allowed the airing of the forbidden documentary...






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