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Broadcasting date: 12-6-2006
Title : KIDS THAT KILL (Re )
Subject : USA


What is it that makes children kill, in fact kill their classmates? At a moment when the Greek public is shocked by the unexpected turn in the case of the disappearance of an eleven-year old boy from Veroia,  Reportage Without Frontiers sought for an answer to that question in the United States, where the phenomenon of kids killing in schools is turning into an epidemic.


The most inexplicable and disturbing incident occurred in Jonesboro, a small city in the American south: for the first time in an elementary school, an 11 year-old boy, along with a 13 year-old friend, kill four schoolmates and their teacher.


The documentary begins with two of the elementary students’ mothers, who find out that there were gunshots and dead children at their kids’ school. Through the attestations of other witnesses, we follow the course of the two children, who had managed to set up a real ambush for their victims: first they stole guns from their houses, then they went to their school, where they set off the fire-alarm, forcing the students to exit their classrooms and gather in the courtyard, where they become an easy target for the two boys. One of the teachers who survived, shows our camera her credit cards, which are full of holes from bullets that went through her purse.


In its sequence, the documentary makes an effort to answer its initial question: where are the roots of the evil that has stigmatized the small town? Theories about poverty, criminality amongst colored people or people from problematic families do not apply in this case. Psychologists, criminologists, parents and teachers, as well as one of the boys’ priest, give their own explanation to the tragic events.





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