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Broadcasting date: 3-5-2007
Title : OUR 60's - Part 3: LOST SPRING


Thursday May 3, 22:00, ET1


In 1964, Michalis Kakogiannis’ “Zorbas” wins 3 Oscars and Greek music becomes famous around the world. Greece becomes very fashionable, while more and more celebrities choose it as their favorite holiday destination.


In 1966, Helen Kypraiou announces the start of the very first program transmitted on Greek television.That same year, Mikis Theodorakis prepares a big concert in the USSR, but at the very last moment, his lead-singer, Giannis Poulopoulos, refuses to follow him. Mikis Theodorakis arrives in the early morning at the house of young clobber Antonis Kalogiannis and asks him to join him and sing at that concert. The rehearsals take place in the ship as it heads to the USSR.


Manos Loizos composes “The Road” and Dionysis Savopoulos presents his song “Synnefoula” for the first time in public, playing guitar with only one hand.


For the first time since the end of the civil war, Greece follows the radical changes that were taking place around the world during the adventurous and creative decade of the 60s.


However in the background, a group of young officers is conspiring, and makes plans that will result in the violent coup d' etat of the 21st of April 1967. The name of their leader is known amongst army circles already by the end of the 50s. In 1958, major Panagiotis Zaharopoulos was ordered, by the Chief of Staff, to observe the movements of a young officer under the nickname “Nasser”. But as soon as he made revelations concerning the conspiratory group of George Papadopoulos, he got expelled from the military.


In 1965, Papadopoulos, who was serving back then as a commander of an artillery unit in Evros, will become widely known by denouncing that communist soldiers had sabotaged some vehicles. These accusations proved to be false, originated by Papadopoulos himself. He will avoid the discharge from the army thanks to an intervention by Georgios Papandreou. The prime minister personally knew Papadopoulos’ father and therefore  condoned the facts. Ilias Iliou denounces in Parliament that a group of low-ranked officers is preparing a coup d' etat.


The events of July 1965, the secret agreements among Papandreou, Kanellopoulos and the king, the conspiracy. The chronicle of a “lost spring”.


Amongst others, the documentary features interviews of: agent John Fatseas, Papadopoulos’ close friend, that had been ordered to observe his movements by the CIA; John Day, political counsellor of the American Embassy, who reveals the existence of a bribery plan for the Greek members of Parliament; the american ambassador Philip Talbot and the former king Konstantinos.

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