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Broadcasting date: 22-11-2007

In the summer 2006 the Israeli army bombed Lebanon. A few months later Reportage Without Frontiers travels in the area and presents doctors’ testimonies, from the hospitals of Beirut, which shock. This time the dead bodies are completely different from those of the last bombings. The weapons that were used don’t seem like the ordinary. Cluster bombs, white phosphorus...


A group of British scientists gathered samples of bombed areas in Lebanon. The team of Reportage Without Frontiers traveled to London and found the leader inspector, Dai Williams. The findings are shocking: It’s the first time that slightly depleted uranium is detected in the battlefield.


Depleted uranium was used for the first time in 1991 during the Gulf War and the effects are now obvious. Thousands of children in Iraq are born deformed, but they are not the only victims.


Thousands of American soldiers show symptoms of the so-called "Gulf Syndrome". One of them, Gerald Matthew served in Iraq during the American invasion in 2003. Following his return, he started to develop some strange symptoms. He convinced the Pentagon to let him take the depleted uranium test. But, the results disappeared mysteriously.


Asaf Durakovic is the first American scientist that associated the Gulf Symptom with depleted uranium. He faced large obstacles and eventually lost his job in 1997...


Wars always give the opportunity to governments to use inapprehensive people as guinea pigs. Reportage Without Frontiers reveals some seriously scandalous cases. During the Cold War, those experiments proved to be destructive.


In 1953 CIA started a highly confidential program. It had the code-name MK ULTRA. The head-director of the CIA at the time, Stansfield Turner, confirms to Stelios Kouloglou that hallucinogens, like LSD, were used for the “control of the thoughts” of people.


The Vietnam War proved to be another "test-tube". Operation Agent Orange aimed to deforest the Vietnam jungle and disclose the Vietcong with the use of thousands of chemicals. Millions of Vietnamese people were infected from dioxin, which led to their grandchildren -the third generation- being born deformed.


Today a Vietnamese team disputes the American companies Dow Chemical and Monsanto, which produced poisonous chemicals. The Greek-American lawyer Constantine Kokkoris, who is responsible for the defense of the Vietnamese, reveals to Reportage Without Frontiers that the particular companies accepted to dispense the chemicals, although they knew their danger.


War Guinea-Pigs is a truly shocking documentary of Reportage Without Frontiers.



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