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Broadcasting date: 22-5-2008
Subject : ECONOMY


A shocking documentary by Reportage Without Frontiers:

Surviving in Greece on 700 Euros


Broadcasted within the Thematic Evening,

Thursday, May 22, 22:00.


Greece. Land of the sun, of the sea, of wine and good company. A country that invites young people from all over the world to live their myth in it. But how is everyday reality for people who live in a country where the large majority is payed with less than 1000 Euros/month, and on the other hand, prices are at an all time high and amongst the highest in Europe? How much do Greeks really enjoy their beautiful country when they work longer hours than all other Europeans?


Reportage Without Frontiers followed the life of five persons that try to survive, overcoming costliness and extremely low wages.


Costas is 29 year-old graduate of the Polytechnic School, who also completed his postgraduate studies. He tried to find a job, however, the financial propositions he received from technical enterprises limited up to 700 Euros/month, when his personal expenses were twice this amount. Hence, he is obliged to hold three jobs in order to get by. He starts his everyday Odyssey in the early morning, from his house at Loutsa, in order to end up at Faliro late in the evening, to work as a waiter.


Manolis is a 43 year old teacher. He lives in Chania with his wife and two children who are 6 and 3 years old. Despite the fact that he succeeded three times in the exams for public school teaching, he still hasn't been appointed to a school. He is obliged to work as an hour-paid teacher, with a 340-euro wage, which he receives with a delay of several months. The family's finance is based on his wife's wage, loans, credit cards and a really strict family budget. However, extra expenses that come up, such as dental treatment, are able to blow away the entire budget.


Gina is 32 years old; she holds a linguistics degree and speaks four languages. Despite holding a decent job in Italy, she made the decision to return to Greece in 2004, when the cheerful atmosphere of the Olympic Games prevailed. For the past two years she has been working as a secretary, receiving a salary of 770 Euros, with which she has to live and raise her 5 year-old daughter on her own.


Afroditi is 27; she graduated from the Department of Journalism of the Aristoteleion University and continued her studies to receive a master’s degree in London. She lives alone in Athens, trying to complete her PhD at Panteion University. Along with her studies, she holds a part-time job in order to get by in the extremely expensive city of Athens. However, her money often runs out in the middle of every month...


Iordanis is a 31 year-old marketing graduate. It took him seven months to find a job as a salesman with the wage of... 680 Euros. Having enough of living with his parents and surviving with their money, he decided to leave Greece. His first wage in the Netherlands was 1700 Euros. Reportage Without Frontiers followed him as he payed 1.5 Euro for his coffee in the central square of Amsterdam.


The documentary "Surviving in Greece on 700 Euros" will be broadcasted on Thursday, 22 May, at 22:00, within the Thematic Evening program, dedicated to expensiveness and the Greek 700-Euro generation.


The Thematic Evening will also include a video of another young man, followed by the team of Reportage Without Frontiers: 28 year-old Dimitris, turned to the g700.blogspot.com blog, in order to receive information on his rights; more specifically to get consultation about how he could assert the money his former company owed him. With the contribution of the G700 members -with which Dimitris discusses the problems of the “700-Euro generation”- the past few months the dispute has been take to court...


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